There is a common misconception in the web design and web development industry that being a designer or a developer requires one to use expensive tools and software. Most of the expert designers and developers use expensive Adobe suits and developers use expensive IDEs for their work. But if you are just starting off and do not have the luxury to spend for these expensive tools, don’t worry. There are decent alternatives for these tools which you may get for free.

Although for these tools may lack few of the advanced features of paid tools, they still can be used in scenarios where the design work involved isn’t complicated. That being said, in today’s open source world, there is almost always a free tool for every job. Especially in the Linux ecosystem.

For a skilled designer, the most popular tools out there are Photoshop and Illustrator. While Photoshop is used for manipulation of raster images and web design, Illustrator is used for editing vector images and logo design.¬†Photoshop and Illustrator are must in any designer’s arsenal.

Gimp for Photoshop

There is an open source free software called Gimp which can reproduce many of photoshop’s features.


Inkscape for Illustrator

A popular replacement for Illustrator is Inkscape.


Image courtesy: Pixabay



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